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Now that the Supreme Court of the United States has ruled the Affordable Care Act (ACA) constitutional, the Business and Labor Coalition of New York (BALCONY), the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce (GNYCC) and the New York City Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are going full blast with a series of workshops for small businesses and labor unions.


Public reception has been overwhelmingly positive for the 60-minute workshops which have been held in New York City and Long Island. The complexities of the new law are explained and attendees are shown how to best use the benefits of the Affordable Care Act for their business and employees.


"Between 30 and 60 small business owners have attended each of the five forums, where we explain how the health care law is already impacting them and specifically helps them provide vital health services and coverage for their employees," BALCONY Director Lou Gordon said. "People were very receptive, asked a lot of questions and the reaction was quite good."


"We've received terrific feedback from employers who were thrilled to learn how their companies can benefit financially via the valuable tax credits provided thru the Affordable Care Act," said Mark Jaffe President and CEO of the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce."


BALCONY, the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce and the New York Hispanic Chamber of Commerce are holding 22 forums over 11 months as part of a grant from the Community Service Society's Small Business Assistance Program (SBAP).


For a schedule of FORUMS, to co-sponsor, host, or attend an Affordable Care Workshop, please email Lou Gordon  or

Liza Kramer or call BALCONY at (212) 219-7777 or email Mark Jaffe at the Greater New York Chamber of Commerce or call  

(212) 686-7220.



(L to R) Lou Gordon (BALCONY) 

Eileen Hayes (NYS Dept. of Financial Service) 

Ben Geyerhahn (Small Business Majority)
Betty Heiman (Transparent Health Services)
Mark Jaffe (Greater NY Chamber of Commerce)
at the Trade Brooklyn Expo







Dedicated professionals and leaders in the public policy and health care fields will conduct the forums, which will be held all around the state.


While the content and focus may be customized to suit the interests of audience, the standard presentation features a detailed POWERPOINT PRESENTATION on the ACA and how it impacts small business owners, their employees, and labor unions.


The presentation begins with a startling chart that shows that since 1999 health premiums have gone up 160%   and workers' contribution to those premiums have gone up 168%. Meanwhile, workers' earnings increased just 50% over that same period, according to the Kaiser Foundation and Health Research & Educational Trust.


Research shows that 800,000 small business employees lost coverage in the last decade, 52% of businesses with fewer than 10 workers don't offer coverage and small firms pay 18% more for insurance than large ones. Without reform, small business health insurance costs were expected to more than double in the next decade.


The BALCONY / GNYCC / NYCHCC presentation further explains employer coverage requirements and the sliding scale of available tax credits for businesses. Some 81% of small businesses in New York State are eligible for the tax credits, but many don't know about them. Even so, ACA tax credits have helped more than 360,000 small businesses - and their 2 million workers - across the country.


Our presenters will also explain the New York State Health Insurance Exchanges that will be set up to lower the cost of buying insurance. Exchanges are expected to reduce individual premiums up to 66% because of volume discounts and competition; a 5-22% reduction is anticipated in the small group market.






          Lou Gordon, Liza Kramer                            Forum Attendees




The Community Service Society draws on a 168-year history of excellence in addressing the root causes of economic disparity. As a leading voice on behalf of low-income New Yorkers and the working poor, CSS responds to urgent, contemporary problems through applied research, advocacy and litigation, and innovative program models that strengthen and benefit all New Yorkers and help promote a more prosperous city.  

Visit www.cssny.org




For information about upcoming forums, contact




Lou Gordon:  loug@balconynewyork.com 

Liza Kramer at  Liza.Kramer@balconynewyork.com 

or call 212-219-7777




Mark Jaffe,  Jaffe@chamber.com 

or call 212-686-7220.










Bill Thompson, former New York City Comptroller

Anita Kartalopoulos, Milberg Law Firm

 Russ Sciandra and Sherry Tomasky, American Cancer Society







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Lou Gordon, Director





Alan Lubin, Co-Chair Labor
Robert M. Hayes, Co-Chair Business, Sr. VP, Universal American Corp.
Catherine M. Abate, Co-Chair Non-Profit, President/CEO, Community HealthCare Network

Executive Board

Mark Jaffe, BALCONY Treasurer, President of Greater New York Chamber of Commerce
Cynthia D. DiBartolo, CEO, Tigress Financial Partners

Anita Kartalopoulos, Partner, Milberg LLP
Stephen Madarasz, CSEA
Anthony Potenza, Executive Director, New York Labor Health Care Alliance 

Bruce Ventimiglia, Saratoga Capital Management

BALCONY Support Team

Lou Gordon, BALCONY Director
Richard Winsten, Counsel, MSEK
Stuart Marques, BALCONY Writer
Diane Masters, BALCONY Director of Special Events
Liza Kramer, BALCONY Director of Policy
Jodi Wiener, BALCONY Membership Development
John Costello, NYSUT Kevin R. Weaver, Web Master and Computer Consultant

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